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RB Photodesign - Photography out of passion
To us photography is about people being real and  then letting us paint a picture of that moment to remember it forever.  This is the story that matters most: real people, real stories, real  moments.

Great action shots are rarely a result of good luck.   Knowing where to position yourself, being there at the right time and   having the right equipment set up correctly will shift the odds in your   favour.


Great photography is known for its ability to capture the heart and the   soul of a person in a certain moment. We have the   ability to capture this through portrait photography in our studio or on location.

We're creative

Whether it's a rock concert, business events, or portraits...we make being photographed a comfortable experience so that you have images to cherish for a lifetime

We're storytellers

We put you at ease in our studio, at your home, or at any location. We're casual because we're experienced. And there isn't just one solution that works. That's why we use a combination of photography styles and technology to capture you and your moments.

Right into the Sights

We shoot your event using the latest digital professional Nikon cameras. We offer full service retouching and a wide variety of albums and prints,  giving you a great range of options for photographs that you will cherish for years to come.

Inspiring Photos

Our goal is to stay as unobtrusive as possible while capturing the true spirit of your event

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